Giorgos Christianakis – A discreet music presence

In the town of Thessaloniki, in the early 80’s, teenage boredom and an innocent lie triggered George Christianakis’s musical quests. Since then, he continues to create, taking stimuli from people, texts, images and routes, “conversing” alongside with the work of Arthur Rimbaud “A Season in Hell”. The documentary, following Giorgos Christianakis’s music work, give its viewers a chance to learn about the alternative music scene in Thessaloniki, Greece, from the 80s till nowadays; to understand how a theatrical performance is prepared and to consider the creative challenges in art.

Director: Gina Georgiadou

Cinematography: Apostolos Karoulas – Indiebox

Editor: Joahnna Chrysanthopoulou

Producer: Dimitris Kaligkos

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